Friday, August 12, 2011

Fall Cleanout in Progress

I have completely cleaned out two and a half rooms in my house.  Furniture has been moved in an effort to trick us into thinking we have give us more space. So the sewing room has been moved to the dining room.  I know you could tell, it still dining room-ish.  Have to leave it that way.  If we ever get to the point we can list our home, sewing stuff will have to move to storage, and this will magically become the dining room again. 

In a time that now measures years ago, Dee and I purchased fabric alike to see how we use it differently.  She has had hers done forever.  Mine has sat neglected for years.  Until now.  I now have (almost) a beautiful table runner.  I have cut off the excess since the photo.

Played with the decorative stitches on my machine.  The pink is a lovely watermelon color.  Perfect for aqua.  Most of the fabrics were designed by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods...from years ago.

Added some scraps to the back, just because I love them.

The binding fabric has wonderful pearlized polka dots.  Hopefully I can make this binding this evening.  Under it is a sneak peak of my first quilt for selling.

Oh, and I bought a scrap bag from Sandi Henderson's website Portabella Pixie.  I figured I love all her fabric, so I couldn't go wrong. 

Boy was that an understatement!

For Real!!  Trying really hard not to go buy another one!!  (What harm would one more WIP be?)




  1. your sewing room looks so pretty! i love that wallpaper. and i love that tablerunner too - so lovely. :)

  2. I also started cleaning up my sewing room today, it really was quite a mess.
    I love your sandy henderson fabric. How much was in the bag, is it worth the price?

  3. I need this inspiration to do my sewing room (and a few other rooms in my home) my craft room is the worse though!!! this week I shall work on it and take a picture too :)

    Love your table runner...looks so pretty :)


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