Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Quilt for Joy

Nope, haven't done anything about the ugly green desk.  Too busy sewing!!  ;0)

I have been needing a dust cover for my sewing machine, Joy.  In fact, I have even had this fabric folded in a cute little pile, for months.  All of the sudden, last Friday was the day!  I worked on it between housework, and playing with friends and family over the weekend.  Last night I finished its cute little skirt.

The rainbow strips were leftover scraps from another project, and they were just too sweet not to stay together.  When I realized how well they went with the main print, I just knew.  I just love the sewing machines on this Alexander Henry print.  Lately Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden prints have been finding their way into almost everything I do for myself.  Love them!

Another fussy cut, but why not?

This is the back.  Because I pieced the front, top, and back as one piece, those sweet sewing machines are standing on their heads!  This is the only thing that I would have done differently.  (Yup, more Henna Garden!)

Thought a little Michael Miller Dandy Damask was too fun not to add.  The pleated ruffle was added because I made the thing too short.  Glad it happened, because Heather Bailey's Tiled Primrose was perfect to pull out those bits of blue in the main fabric and make them pop.

Over all, I am thrilled Joy's new quilt!  It really neatens up the space when I am not sewing.  And it is so colorful and happy!

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  1. Oh, the ruffle was one of those happy accidents. I love it!

  2. What a cute sewing machine cover. Everything about it is perfect! I even have some of that cute sewing machine fabric waiting for me to do something with it!

  3. Eeeeek, You have have given me inspiration for some fabric that I have held onto for over 20 years (I can't believe I just admitted that part), but anyways thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  4. What a neat sewing machine cover! Love the fabrics!

  5. Just found your blog...cute!!!
    Love that cover...I really need to do some one of these days!

  6. I love this! The little ruffle at the bottom! How adorable. And the sewing novelty print. I like that this wraps around the whole thing. Note to self: need to make me one of these!!

  7. The sewing machine cover is just too cute. Bernie

  8. I love this! The ruffle at the bottom is inspired - what a happy accident!

  9. The ruffle is so cute! I must make one for myself!

  10. It is adorable!! And I love the mug rug with mug on it too. :)

  11. What a great cover. Don't let my machines see it, OK? I love your color combinations and, I agree, the ruffle just makes it happy!


  12. really cute...I need to make a sewing machine cover but my machine is monster sized and I dread it!

  13. I just stumbled onto your blog! Oh my gosh!

    That is the cutest cover I have ever SEEN!

    The ruffle is perfect, not a soul would have known it was not planned!

    Tut. Please!! I'm a a new follower after I post!

  14. The ruffle also added a girly attitude. Great use of leftover too! This is really great. Your machine will love you!


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