Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

Spent the weekend with family.  Mom came and brought me a birthday present.  Don't you just love Holly Hobby, or is it just me?
I actually got a fat quarter bundle of these beauties.  I just had to show you the panel!
Here are the rest of them!  Thanks Mom!!!  It might be just because my birthday is so close to Valentine's Day, but I have discovered that I have a thing for Valentine's fabric.
Or maybe it is because Treasure is such a great guy.  Okay, both!!  Not normally a red person, but these were just too cute.  The bottom three fabrics are actually stash.  Don't they look good?!
This is my baby quilt!!  It hangs in my room, still!
My great aunt made it many years ago.  Love those bunnies.  It makes me think of how important blankets are to children.  So this year, I am setting a goal for my self to make charity quilts.  Something for charity every month.  Skirts for Haiti counted as January.
This is my February offering for project Linus.  I made it out of cheater fabric I had and didn't know what to do with.  Used satin blanket binding, but put it on like normal quilt binding.  As a young child, my nightie (read blankie) had satin binding that was my favorite part.  I am tactile, among other things!!  Thought a child would like the soft satin like I did.  Plus, I don't much care for making binding!!
On an unrelated note, my Kona petal came in, and I think that it will work perfectly for my pinwheel quilt along background!  Now I have to wait until March 1 for the instructions to begin...can you hear the pout?


  1. Okay, the Holly Hobbie is just over the top cute, adorable, nostalgic, elementary/junior high memorable, folderrific!

    I wondered why you didn't call. What did Mom bring her other favorite "daughter"? LOL

    Love the Project Linus quilt and the other fabric knows where I live!

    I hab a code. My node is stupped up.
    Can't come play yet.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the Holly Hobbie fabrics!

  3. Pout? Oh, Lordy! Look at all the sweetness you have....lol Such adorable fabrics and the H hearts sure do remind me of the old time valentines. Great post.

  4. I've been a Holly Hobbie fan since she first came out ages ago. I've not seen this cute fabric. Guess I will have to check it out.

  5. Thanks for the blast from the past! I haven't seen Holly Hobbie in YEARS. I thought she wore a blue dress and Strawberry Shortcake wore pink.... Anyway -- a woman I barely know came to me recently because she heard that I made quilts. She said she had been given a Holly Hobbie quilt top years ago and had always wanted to have it finished. I hooked her up with my friend and long arm quilter, but before that she brought the quilt to show me. It wasn't Holly Hobbie -- it was Sunbonnet Sue! I thought that was a pretty cute mistake :)

  6. What a lovely post.....I don't know what to comment on...love your fabrics...and baby quilt!

  7. what a great bunch of fabrics....i love that you still have your baby quilt. Lucky you!

  8. So many yumminess in your post. First of all, I love Holly Hobbie. Brings back so many memories. Didn't realize there was fabric! So great that you still have your baby blanket and that it is inspiring you to make blankets for others. Love the one you made with the pink satin binding. Your fabrics look great for the pinwheel quilt along. Go ahead and pout! We've all been there ;-)

  9. Oh, I have my old Holy Hobbie doll up in the attic to this day! I think that your charity goal is great. I would like to try to do more of that too. I wholeheartedly agree with that the satin binding will make someone super happy.


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