Tuesday, February 9, 2010


there has been a lot of it going on here.

These have become 5 more skirts for Haiti.  I will try to send them out tomorrow Randi!  Yep, that gift is for you, Dee, but you have to come get it!!
These Wildwood strips are becoming these...
four patches which will one day live on a quilt with the siggy baby stars.
These siggy babies are becoming shining stars.  These though are temporary.  What matters most are the babies that are becoming eternal shining stars.  That is the best becoming.  Definitely.


  1. everything looks beautiful. i love the 4 patches on your design wall

  2. those stars will be great and so nice of you to make such pretty skirts!

  3. That siggy baby stars quilt is going to be fabulous! And way to churn out those cute skirts!


  4. Dee would love to come over! There is this slight problem of about 6 inches of snow and blowing winds! LOL

    I just love what you're working on! So happy to see such beautiful things continue to come out of your creative mind! Beautiful.

    Snow day again today. Call you later!

  5. KT, those four patches are great, and I really love the bright, cheery fabrics you used for the skirts. Your siggy babies are adorable. I mailed my blocks to Rachel today. My babies are in a basket....unpressed at the moment.


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