Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loose Threads

I have ended the indecision! I am joining Jacquie in the New Year Challenge. In an effort to be totally honest with you, most of these are just projects that need done. I am not ready to admit how many true UFO's I have! Maybe she will host another one of these in the Spring!!!
Sew, here is my list:

1. Christmas Apron

2. Christmas gifts. (No picture, because Dee is a follower!!)

3. Christmas table quilt #1.

4. Christmas table quilt #2.

5. Napkins, to use up every last bit of this wonderful Sheri Berry Holiday fabric!!!
6. Mini quilt.

7. This quilt, because it shoulda been done long ago!!!

8. This Monkey Wrench is supposed to be for the wall in my dining room. I started it years ago.

I need to finish the hand quilting!!

On a final note, I need one more for pay it forward. You can read about the rules here . Just leave me a comment saying "Yes! Give me something please, and I will in turn bless three others!". I really can't wait to hear from you!



Summer Breeze is finished, but I am not revealing until Friday!!!


  1. Oh, you are a brave, brave woman. Why didn't the New Year Challenge start 11 months ago!?!?!? There's no way for me -- but I'm enjoying watching the rest of you work triple-time!

    I'm already doing Pay it Forward, but I know someone will want to play :). Have a great day.

  2. well, kids interrupting us here...

    can i help with anything? lol i'm simply not going to push myself! ha ha but i will willingly help a friend accomplish her goals!

    as soon as the other mini quilt is done...i'm all for Christmas gifts production only on the machine...

    love you muchly and miss the! hee hee


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