Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I've been doing.

Been doing a little nest fluffing.  Got out these vintage linens and cleaned them.

Thought that these looked good on my mantle. 

This one settled on the end table.  Not sure which Grandma any of these came from.  Two Great-grandmas, and one Grandma did these kinds of things, and I have stuff from them all.  I am the one in the family who was crafty, so I was blessed to be gifted them! 

I've only gotten about half-way through this it just goes on forever!

Rewarded myself for making it to the half-way mark by making a spring purse that I NEEDED!  I saw this made up in an LQS.  When I checked out, the lady helping me had made the sample.  She said it was so easy, and she had made a bunch because everybody loved them...

The clerk was right...easy peasy.  Sewn up in a couple hours, using only 3 fat quarters, scrap batting and a zipper.  My stuff is already stashed in there.

Now, let's go fabric shopping!!!

edit:  I linked up with Fabric Tuesday, be sure to use the button on the left to visit all the other finishes!

What have you all been up to?




  1. Sweet sentimental thing you!

    Can't wait to see the bag in person!

  2. Wonderful for you to have those linens from your grandmother, how lucky you are! And I adore your bag. Easy and fast, you say? Hmmm......

  3. so sweet! i love those little vignettes you created. :)

  4. Your linens make everything look like Spring!

    Cute purse!

  5. Really special linens you have KT. Glad you rewarded yourself by making that fabulous purse! The quilting does seem like it can go on forever ;-)

    To answer your question...I haven't been up to much lately until this weekend...finally got some sewing done...yeah!

  6. Great bag. A girl can never have too many bags!

  7. Really really cute KT! I love the fabrics you chose.

  8. Very nice. I have this pattern but haven't made it yet - love our fabrics!


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