Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Finish

I am quilting a quilt in my very limited spare time this week.  At this rate I am sure to finish by Christmas!  Anyhow, I finished January's Birdie Stitches block!  And it's only February March!  These patterns are fun and free!  Since I was on a fabric diet, and I had kona snow in my stash, that is what I used for the center fabric.  I ended up using a very soft, silvery gray for the snow so that it would show.

Got a few French knots in!

All the border fabrics were also stash.  Only thing that I bought was embroidery floss and interfacing!!!




  1. Oh, I LOVE this!!! Your stitching and french knots are perfect! Great fabrics used for the block border as well. I've seen these blocks being made all over Blogland.....tempting and taunting me ;-) Happy Friday!

  2. Beautiful piece and stash usage is always Good !~!

  3. You have done such a beautiful job!

  4. I haven't embroidered for so long. It looks wonderful, especially the little flowery cluster of french knots. love it :)

  5. very, very sweet and just as cute in person as you are!

    it's me, signing in as Chris 'cause I'm a techno dork!

    love ya all!

  6. It looks great! Those stitches are so neat and the fabric picks are perfect.

  7. These are so cute! I really love these little birdie blocks.


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