Monday, March 8, 2010

Sew Busy

White thread for lattice.
Lavender thread at the boarder.  (Thanks Joan!)
Siggy baby stars are being bordered.  (I have even more done now, just no pictures!)
Grey four squares for the Siggy Baby stars are done.  I think that this quilt may already have a name!!!
My oranges decided they needed to be a second Pinwheel Party quilt!

Then these happened!  They are sewn together now, and I love them.  This quilt definately has a name.  "Orange Blossom Perfume".  My grandma and grandpa always used to bring me some back from Florida when I was a little girl.  I can still smell it!

Probably won't be able to pop back online until Friday!


  1. Sew happy you were online today! Just love everything, KT! But especially you and the tater tots coming over to play. Thanks for giving me previews of your projects and the orange blossom perfume quilt is over the top awesome! I would have never put those together, but you've got something special going here!

    hugs and Chicago pizza to all!

  2. you have been busy!!! i love the log cabins you are working on....the colors are very pretty

  3. KT, so glad to see what you've been working on. I like the quilting on your first project shown. The Siggy Baby Stars and Gray Four Squares are adorable. Great creativity with the Orange Blossoms Perfume.

  4. i love those pinwheels and the orange blossom blocks. very pretty!



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