Monday, March 15, 2010

A Rainy Days & Mondays Confession

A small part of me is hoping you stop at the eye-candy and don't read the post!!!

See these siggy baby stars?  One of the four quilts I am working on at the same time, remember?  Well, so many of you commented with awe at my assumed organizational skills that I really must correct that image!  I just have to be honest with you all, especially after all those wonderful comments (hugs)!

When I cut all those borders (on a Monday I think) I was amazed that I had just enough!  Saturday, when I sat down to sew them it was raining.  I realized that I had only cut half of all the sides!!!

The stars in the above picture are the only ones I had enough extra fabric to finish.

Sadly, these will have to wait!
Now, I could let this "get me down", but I refuse.  Thanks is in order.
1.  I found all the fabric I need to finish online.
2.  I know I have found the right name for the quilt--"Rainy Days & Mondays"!
3.  I get to do buisness  with Randi at Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics (always a pleasure)!
4.  I have three other yummy quilts to work on.  Yet another benefit of multi-tasking, progress continues!
5.  Pinwheel Party Pattern for block A-3 is published today!!!

And 6.  Randi also has more of the above fabric, which I decided I needed to make a bigger quilt.
I discovered that it really should be bigger when I cut more fabric for it Saturday!

One last note.  When I check my email today, I discovered there is a fabric line out at Hawthorne Threads.  The name of it should make you smile!! 
Weird huh?



  1. What a bummer, I know what it is like to run out of fabric, right in the middle of a project. Luckily you found more fabric, I just love those blocks, great colors. So spring and so cheerful!

  2. How wonderful you were able to find more of the right fabric, whew!

    I couldn't find block 3 yet for the pinwheel party.

  3. Good for you, for refusing to let your discouragements get you down!

    BTW I really like that plaid looking fabric; it has a vintage feel to it.

  4. KT, so glad you are not letting this get you down. Your siggy star babies are worth the wait! The rainy days and mondays fabric line is pretty cool. Love those retro umbrellas!

  5. Hee hee, the fabric is just too awesome! As is everything else and you know I love you organized or unorganized! You also know I would gladly steal whatever (read this as everything) you have that wasn't nailed to the design wall or tucked away in a dresser drawer. Yes, I know where the dresser/desk drawers are and I'm insane enough to try and take them next time I'm over there!

    Love you muchly, glad the kids get to live!

  6. I just love all of your fabrics your are showing...your stars are awesome...glad you found what you needed to finish up!

  7. Cute Rainy Days and Mondays fabric -- especially those retro umbrellas!

    Great job keeping a positive attitude and finding solutions!

  8. Oh, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that has those kinds of days. Good for you finding the silver lining!! Your projects are so pretty.


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