Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here We Go Loopty Lou....

Here is what I am doing today.  Doo wah ditty list is still incomplete, but the drive to actually finish something is  killing me.  So Free-motion practice it is!!!  Yes, I do need a lot of practice!!

I could sew live in here!!
Randi, over at i have to say, is having a giveaway!!!  I already saved so much money on fabric for the quilt below, fabric that I was going to have to buy anyway, that I want you all to be sure to enter the giveaway too!!  FIFTY DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO HER SHOP!!!!
She is also having a 20% OFF SALE until April 5th.

(I get to see Dee tomorrow.  We had a schedule issue (mine) and now I get to see her earlier.)

Hope I you win!!



  1. KT, your loopty lous are looking good! Thanks for the view of your design wall. Your quilt is almost done! Have a great day!

  2. Love your quilt on the design wall! Great colors.
    Can you answer a question for me? I am new to quilting and am about to put on some borders on my quilt front, do I just sew all the two strips together for each side or all of them together or should they be seamed in the same places on each side?

  3. Lettin you have this one, dear heart! I'm hoping with all my little pea brain, that you win...'cause you love me enough to share scraps! LOL and i'm too lazy to do another post right now. how sad is that.

    Can't wait til tomorrow!

  4. I love the projects on your design wall!


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