Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Mondays--again. (But I'm not down!!)

Even though this is in, I really need to work on the doo-doo list.  Siggy stars will have to wait.  We need spring pj's here.  So I'm on a break from making these.  Only have the waistband to make, but need more elastic.
Going to make nightgowns for me.  I can't find the old-fashioned ones that I like.  Must sew some because mine are falling to shreds.  That's okay, I have stash!!

I have seen a recent post on the color turquiose, and then another here, and then I began noticing that it, or colors close to it, every where in my house!
This Pearl tea set is something Treasure and I collected.  Don't those Holly Hobby fat quarters look good there?  Under that mini creamer there is a jelly roll of Hunky Dory.  We are still looking for a mini sugar!
On my dresser sits a ball jar waiting to be filled.  Here is what it is for.

On the counter in my bathroom sits the bag Dee made me.  It hides my charging cables.  A toothpick to hold my makeup brushes.  No, the fabric doesn't usually sit there, but it is calling out to be made into something.
These are on duty in my kitchen.  I am ashamed to show you the ones in my cabinet because you would see that I keep a half-gallon of chocolate chips on hand!!!
Since we are in the kitchen, Flower Sugar.  Not to leave out the Heather Bailey, and Jennifer Paganelli!!

I am so glad that purple and turquiose love eachother!!

This is my current favorite!

Why do we say that we are blue?  I would rather be turquiose!!




  1. love the tour...what a great idea to use all those different fabrics to decorate with. i love the jelly roll idea.

  2. Love all of your fabrics and jars....

  3. Thanks for the eye candy! I know where these all live, but you make them look like they live in Martha Stewart's magazine with your pictures!

    Beautiful. Like the heart that holds them dear!

  4. KT, love the glimpse into your life. It's funny because turquoise is my color and you are writing about that today; purple seems to be your color and I seem to be migrating to purple in all my projects lately! Good luck with the PJS and nightgowns. Love the jar idea of holding your thoughts. Have a great day!

  5. Oooooo; so much fabric goodness here! I will be going back to this post over and over again just to drool. :)

    Have you looked at any of the pattern companies? I just went to the Simplicity site, for example, and I saw that they do have some possibilities, like 3573, which is not only a nightgown pattern, but an easy-to-sew one at that (just my speed!). And, of course, wait until they go on sale at Joann's for 99 cents per pattern. :)

  6. I do love turquoise! And I do love Flower Sugar. I still have some fat quarters of that one left and I have been eyeing them...just don't know what to make. :)



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