Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Holding Back

I was informed that after asking what was a favorite, I had to produce some product! Good thing that I had lunch meat that no one wanted to eat in the fridge! Forgot to take a picture before serving when it was almost pretty. Actually, it smelled so good cooking, we hungry pigs couldn't wait. ;) I am happy because there is enough left over for a complaint free supper tonight too!!! YAY!!!

Summer breeze is finally basted and ready to quilt, YAY !!!!!

Hope you all have something to YAY about!!!



  1. KT, I can't wait till I get groceries I am buying the ingredients for this!

  2. where's the recipe, sister? it does look good!

    guess I can't lend you my floor space huh? LOL

    ya'll are just way too impatient!

    love ya lots
    Javi has the flu
    pray for us!

  3. YAY! It's stormy outside, but I am cozy and warm inside!


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