Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

This summer I have been dabbling at a kitchen fresher-upper.  Well, I have finally gotten around to finishing up my quilted wall hanging.  Life has just been...busy.  Anyhow, I am loving the sunny yellow that I painted the walls.  However, one big blank yellow wall was almost too bright!  The quilt filled the gap, and softened the room perfectly.

I designed this quilt using a Strawberry Fields Jelly Roll to make old fashioned shoo-fly blocks.  I am loving the softness of it all!

Shoo-flies in the kitchen, subtle, quilt-y humor.  I used my decorative stitches, and soft pink contrasting thread for the quilting.

When it came time for the border, I was in a quandary.  The Strawberry Field yardage that I had purchased for the border just didn't look in real life the way I had pictured it in my head.  If stash diving were and Olympic sport, I just won gold.  I found this yardage squirreled away.  It is Simplicity by 3 Sisters for Moda.    I love having these words before me in the busiest area of my home.

Originally I had saved some of the more red jelly roll strips for the binding.  Instead I ended up buying a little more of the aqua with strawberries to make the binding.  The red against the yellow wall was a little too.....Ronald McDonald!  Not at all the calm, peaceful look I wanted!  I love the creative process and its journey!

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 29 1/2" x 29 1/2"
Fabrics:  Strawberry Fields and Simplicity from Moda
Quilted:  by KT (me) using decorative stitches on my home machine

Best Categories:
Favorite Home Machine Quilted
Favorite Wall Hanging

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  1. So sweet! Love that you quilted it with the decorative stitches on your machine - great choice.

  2. Super cute and it looks amazing next to the brick.

  3. It's so sweet and suits the space perfectly!

  4. Very sweet quilt! It's so cheery in your kitchen!

  5. Love the cheery, yellow of your kitchen! What a beautiful way to fill in a space...lol...what did you do with the other one? I hope it's hanging in a prominent spot too!

    Good luck on winning!

  6. Hi I just found your blog and love your work! I didn't know how to email so could you please email me at robinpaul6@yahoo.com? I'm trying to find some Jennifer Paganelli Nicole fabric. Thanks for your help!

  7. It is sooo soft! It has such a vintage feel to it!

  8. KT, this looks perfect in your newly painted kitchen!! I love the shoo fly humor ;-) Your decorative stitches add a lovely touch as does the texty border fabric. So much to love about your wall quilt!


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