Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chaos Defined: there is nothing pretty here to see!

Thought I would pop in to let those of you not on Pinterest or Instagram know that I am alive, just not sewing much.

When I pulled up carpet in our bathroom, (yeah, CARPET IN THE BATHROOM= hiding something) I found duct tape holding tile down. Underneath all that was subfloor damage from a water leak we were unaware of...because of the carpet.

So this is what my bathroom currently looks like. This time porcelain tile is going in, no carpet. Ha ha!

Of course, one floor leads to another. We are tiling the hall and dining room as well. We had an oak rail taken out in this room making it seem bigger. The nasty paneling will come out too. I will also remove the wall paper. I can't complain about the wallpaper too much because it is my own fault!

But this all means this room will go back to being a dining room again. My quilting corner is again homeless. *sigh*

Well, that is not all, oh no that is not all! We are putting tile in the kitchen too. Only, we want to replace the cabinets in the future (when we fall into a pot of money) so for now we are moving the lower cabinets to tile to the wall, then putting them back in, as well as bringing back the cabinets that were removed for installation of the dishwasher. After killing two dishwashers in six years, I am not eager to spend any more money on dishwashers!

Of course all that open space seems almost peaceful.

Most of my kitchen and sewing paraphernalia is toted and stacked in the family room.

And here is our make shift food station in our living room. Boy, I get tired just thinking about putting it all back this weekend!
Well, that is just part of my Christmas story this year. Here is another of my Christmas presents:

I got a used minivan! Such a blessing because the twelve passenger extended cab van (known as the Maxi van) is a little slippery in this snowy weather we have been having.

Unfortunately, 8 hours later it was hit by a distracted teen driver while we were looking at Christmas lights. I might get it back in a couple of weeks. No one was hurt at least.

Can I get a break from Christmas Break please?




  1. Mercy! KT, there is so much going on here and I'm behind the curve. First of all, glad you're all okay! I know the van, when returned in "good as new" condition, will be a huge blessing in its "smallness". As for the house, I hadn't seen it that empty in a long, long, long (read when you first moved in) time!

    So happy for you to finally have a start on the renovations and remodeling!

    God bless, Happy 2013! See ya next week!

  2. Oh goodness, sorry about your van! I am glad you are all ok though. Have you decided to renovate and stay put?

  3. WOWZERS!!! you are doing a lot woman!!!
    sorry about the van! so glad you guys are okay!

  4. My heart goes out to you. That's an awful lot going on. Hope your house gets put back together soon. That's super stressful!

  5. I must tell you this post exhausted me. Home improvement projects are really hard. They mean money, frustration, clutter, and tiffs. My husband and I squabble when things are uprooted and we have to do DIY projects. I'm always glad when they are done though. And of course it will be fabulous for you when it is finished. Sorry about the car. We have a big extended cab van and a mini. It is nice to have the mini when we don't have a load of people. GOod luck with it all.


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