Friday, September 14, 2012

Frazzled Friday

Finished this useful quilt yesterday. After recently painting my kitchen a cheerful yellow, I wanted new dish quilts. The old purple ones were just not working for me any longer. They no longer matched, were too small, and the binding was beginning to fray. Since I have killed two dishwashers in six years, I decided to try life without one. Now that I do more dishes, a bigger mat was in order.

I used a Moda Strawberry Fields jelly roll. Love it!

This quilted up quickly with a feather stitch on my machine.

I bought a new bath towel to use for the back-and batting. Before I used one that was too thick, and it never really dried out between uses. Hopefully I have remedied that with a lighter weight towel.

I did away with binding altogether, and just used my serving stitch for "binding".

My machine has this great stitch that I call the triple stitch. Each stitch is really three in one. Used it to reinforce the edge.

Before I had three, but two were always in use since they were too small. I figured two was enough if they were a bit bigger. Hope I am right!

Oh, and there is the basket liner I made earlier to match.

Here is a dose of reality. Yup, that is real life here. Well, at least dinner is ready!

Linking up at Sew & Tell. It has been way too long since I played along! Hope you will used the cute button to jet over to enjoy all the other finishes.




  1. That is it....gotta do me one..

  2. What a great idea! I may have to try this. And the fabrics are so refreshing to look at!

  3. Love this, what a great idea! Pretty and practical. You might try using a microfiber towel (if your cotton doesn't dry as well as you'd like) next time. They're absorbent and dry quickly. Kind of weird stuff, but it works.

  4. What a great idea! Adds such a pretty touch to your kitchen!

  5. What a clever idea. I love it. I will be making some of these. I also love that you used towels for the batting.
    Imagine all the pretty designs we can add to our kitchens.
    I just discovered your blog and I know I will be back.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea.

  6. I have been wanting to make one of these for a long time!!! I have gone thru 2 dishwashers in 8 years and haven't went and bought one in 7 months now, I am so tired of just using a plain ol towell, thanks for the inspiration and the kick in the hiney to go make one! LOVE the strawberry fields fabric and your yellow kitchen I bet is sooooo pretty!

  7. These are a beautiful way of sprucing up your kitchen. Love it! I've never heard of them before. We don't do much hand washing around here (we have a commercial dishwasher in our commercial kitchen), but when we do, it would be nice to use something pretty instead of a bath towel. LOL


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