Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Singer Love: Entry #3

When I saw this pattern on Flickr, I couldn't favorite it fast enough.  Then when I found the perfect fabric at an LQS, and Amy announced her Texting While Sewing contest.  Well, that just couldn't all be coincidence.  

Did it matter that I am not a paper-piecer I just play one on TV, no.  Why?  Because it is Love!!  I have a Singer 201 (Violet), and a Singer Featherweight (Pearl).  I just can't say enough about my lovely ladies.  Don't let their feminine appeal fool you.  They are built for work.

Silver bead for the needle!  The girly black and white sealed the deal for me to attempt this block.  Very fitting for my girls!

Oh, and I couldn't forget the tension knob.  We all know how important proper tension is!  I was very pleased to find three buttons in my stash that went perfectly to form the knob.

The text fabric is the background, but alas, there was no selvage on it, so I don't know what it is.

Used the eye portion of a hook and eye to be the thread guide.

A bit of Jennifer Paganelli fabric, I love her fabrics, and think she would heartily approve of my vintage-modern mess.

The block is a 12" block, but I put a border on it as it seemed to be getting a bit wavy around the edge.  Moda's Hometown by Sweetwater is the perfect border because it reminds me of all the places I would like to take my Featherweight to sew.  There are just so many of you I would like to meet!

Well, that is it, breakfast break is over.  On to the work of the day!




  1. Oh, this is so perfect for your sewing room!!! Your girls must heartily approve.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. This is so stinking cute. I love this block! I love all your little details, too! I love how the machine is formed by the words "Singer!" What a great machine cover this could make!

  3. Very, very clever and well pieced.

    Great job!

  4. I love first machine was a Singer.

  5. Oh my goodness, this is such a CUTE block!!!

  6. Did you draw up this pattern yourself? I'd love a copy of the pattern, if I can get one. I just took a paper piecing class, and only know the very basics, but, I have lots of friends that could help me out. I have a collection of vintage sewing machines, and the Singers are my favorites. Many of them are on my blog.

  7. Love this! Love that you put so much thought into all the little details :)

  8. KT, I made this block. I still want to add some embellishments, but, I'm sew excited that I got 2 of these blocks done. What a fun block to learn on. I included a link back to this post on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration and the link to the pattern.


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