Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Potential Layout

Potential layout, originally uploaded by ktquilts4fun.

These are my Sew Bee It bee blocks all sashed and ready to be put together. Do any of you see glaring issues with this layout? There is not a lot of play because of the sashing and the fussy cuts. Unless I let go and let some of the fussy cuts go in different directions...input?

Possible border

Here is the border I had planned to use. There is a little more contrast than what the dark-late-night-yucky-picture shows. It picks up little bits of purple in the sashing.

Really looking for a little input if you have a bloggy minute. Some of you wonderful ladies have such wonderful suggestions!!




  1. This is going to be one lovely help from me...sorry....I think you have good taste and whatever you decide to do will be just wonderful...

  2. Beautiful quilt with this layout. Trust your own instincts though. The colors don't always come through very well in pictures.

  3. I agree with the gal above, you have great taste! I LOVE that quilt, looks like so much love and work was put into it! some of those blocks I probably wouldn't even attempt! it's gorgeous!

    ps...I want your hard wood floors!

  4. Looks great. The darks are really well balanced as are the really pointy bits.

  5. I love that you are showing this quilt top! I am now just looking for ideas for making a sampler quilt like this. I have 8 block ideas so far, and am just looking for 4 more! Thanks for your perfect timing and inspiration!


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