Sunday, February 6, 2011

150 th Post and a Quilt

Treasure braved the cold and ice to help me by laying out and photographing this quilt.  Yes, you may applaud him!  This quilt is officially finished.

Yup, I made a mistake on the back.  Chanted to myself over and over as I sewed the back, " all the flowers in the same direction."  Apparently, my memory is too short.  I didn't notice it until I went to baste it.  At that point I decided it would take too much seam ripping.  I had a deadline...more on that later.  The cross was intentional, this quilt is in memory of my grandparents. 

I used an orange thread with a feather stitch to quilt the blocks.  This covered over the sin of pressing the seams open.  Stitching in the ditch wasn't going to work.  I've used the feather stitch before and like how it looks on the front and back.  I am especially loving the look on the blue!!

So there you have it, Orange Blossom Perfume, a sweet scent of summer in a cold, icy winter.  Didn't  wash and dry for crinkly goodness because this quit is going to be displayed in a local quilt shop for a Cabin Fever Shop Hop.  Hopefully it will stir up some interest in modern fabrics and design. 

I am a bit of a quandary.  I have something that I want to buy to use as a giveaway for you all.  But if you check out the side bar, I am on a fabric diet.  Can you trust me?  I will have a giveaway as soon as the diet is over.  




  1. That quilt is awesome. I like the blocks and the setting and the cross on the back.

  2. I trust you with my kids! Can I bring them over now? LOL

    This is an awesome quilt in memory of some very wonderful people who gifted me such a treasure of my!

    Miss seeing you all...but love hanging out on the phone with you!

    Love ya all!

  3. I just love it - it reminds me of spring - which is a distant memory on days like today. Our landscape looks just like yours. And I wouldn't even have noticed that the flowers go in different directions!

  4. GORGEOUS quilt! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cross! how very special that is in memory or your grandparents :)
    I may have to add something like this cross on my to do list, thanks again for the inspiration!

  5. The quilt is wonderful, and I love the cross on the back. You are so brave, quilting with orange thread! Good for you. It all looks wonderful, and is sure to stir some interest. Fabric diet? What's that?


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