Friday, November 5, 2010

Only a little late...

These are my October Bee Blocks.  I hate being any late, and I am sorry for it...  life got in the way!
I was using this pattern, but I purposely turned the corner HSTs in the second block.  (They told me to.)  I think that it is fun to vary the same block, and see how different it looks!

Progress report on Henna Love Z.

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  1. These bee blocks are awesome! I'm sure it was worth to wait for such blocks!

  2. Your bee blocks are scrumptous....and your one!

  3. this henna quilt is coming really beautifully

  4. dudette...i love having dibs on sneak peaks! lol

    the bee blocks turned out fabulous! funny how the same block can look so different!

    love ya muchly and missed our time this afternoon! a coke, your family, my family...what could be better?

  5. Oooh, I love that quilt you're working on!

  6. Beautiful! Especially loove the Henna Quilt!I can't believe I missed this Sew and Tell. I am finishing my top with CMQ method too. Don't you love how fast it is?

  7. I love the quilt, too! It's looking great with the grey!


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