Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Fall 2010

This picture shows the truest colors.
Finally finished, my Blogger's Quilt Festival entry.  Now I will allow myself some time to visit the other beautiful entries, and you should to.  Just click on the nifty little button on the top left of this page! 

This is how it hangs just above my piano.  I am loving it!  The charms are Jennifer Paganelli prints, some of which I won from Joan.  The pattern is a modification of Kate Conklin's Charm Bracelet (which I also won from Joan's giveaway).  I will definitely be using this pattern again, unmodified.  Then it will be throw sized, and have some movement to the links.  Yum!!!

I did one little run of hand quilting between each row.  It is difficult to see, but I used a lovely variegated thread with royal blue, deep aqua, and (of course) purple!  It was supposed to be used for tatting, but it was perfect for this project.  Since there is still a lot of it left, I am glad that I love those colors and won't mind using it more.

The back is also Jennifer Paganelli.  She, in case you couldn't tell, is my favorite designer!
I was a good girl and labeled my quilt.  Its name?  Paganelli Charm...of course!

Even the binding is Paganelli, and I am loving it!




  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love the softness of this quilt and how amazing is the back! Well done, KT!

  2. this is beautiful. i love how you did the backing. is that some hand quilting i see?

  3. Ciao, bellissima la tua trapunta!
    Un saluto dall'Italia

  4. Such pretty fabric! I love the squares showcasing each print and the hand quilting!

  5. well, there it is in all its quilty glory! can't wait to come visit it actually hanging up! how fun!

  6. I love it , don't know this designer, well i know her name but that's all. Will look for this fabric;;;;

    Greetings from France

  7. This is really pretty. I love the hand stitching {and I love purple!}.

  8. Great finish. Paganelli fabrics are just so so beautiful. I may have a yard or two of them myself.

  9. Delicate and a great use of the fabrics, this quilt whispers, beautiful

  10. You've done a beautiful job with the hand quilting, and I really like what you've done with the back!


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