Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm sorry... be late, but I really have been missing Friday Finishes!  Quilting my quilt is on hold (burnout) as I really needed to finish something.  To top it off, the urge to cook has taken over!
One of my specialties.  Chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry sauce!  Yesterday's, breakfast!
Spiced peach butter!!
Bing cherry jam!
Made this apron years ago for a quilt class.  It is great for canning jam.  See the bing cherry splatter?  Exactly!!!
Saw this idea here!

Had played around and made these hexes with scraps.  Was going to make a new valance for the kitchen, but I like these better!!!
I am calling them dish quilts!!  They were great FMQ practice.
The backs are old towels from the rag bag.  The bindings were left-over from other projects.  That means these are totally free!!!!!  Yay!!!!
Here is what I have so far from the spray paint venture.  Lovin' that Hunky Dory!!!

So there is my very late Friday Finish!!  Be sure to check out the other finishes by clicking o the button on my right sidebar!!




  1. yummy jam!!! and that breakfast made me want to eat...i am starving. you have so many great projects going on.

  2. KT you clever, clever girl! Love all the pictures and what you've made. Diggin the dish quilts and I know that plant hanger don't I? LOL

    Been poolside, burnt my lips-ratz!

    Call ya later!

  3. I need to make some dish quilts too .Thanks for sharing !!

  4. Great finishes! Love seeing all those pretty things!!

  5. You have been cooking up a storm! Love your dish towels. I have seen a couple of tutorials for them myself and was thinking about making one. yours look too good to use with the hexies on them. I've got a Hunky Dory layer cake to play with. yummy colours.

  6. I love your Dish Quilt idea -- they are LOVELY!

  7. mmmmm..your post is making me hungry!! I've never had peach butter...would you mind sharing your recipe?

    I am totally Hearting your spray painting projects..and your hexies!!

  8. Wow! You've been busy! Jam and fruit butters always look so pretty. They go right along with other homemade lovelies like your dish quilts. :-)

  9. Chocolate chocolate chip pancakes: Happiness on a Plate!

  10. KT, chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite!!! Gotta try the chocolate chocolate chip version. Love your hexies. Great idea to make them into dish quilts. Love your FMQ too.


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