Friday, June 25, 2010

Goosey Goosey Gander: Friday Finish Version!

Made this for my Mom for her birthday.  I am pretty sure she liked it!!  She has a sunflower kitchen, and the green fabric has pretty little sunflowers.

The back, no ties to tangle with!!

Mom always is shocked at how much I can accomplish in so little time.  So, she watched me cut the scraps, stacking the fabric.  I showed her some chain piecing and made a nine patch block.  Then I showed her how to have some good old fun!  Disappearing Nine Patch!!  Mom took the rest home to do herself.  Go Mom!!!

Soaring Past Time for Vickie!! 
74 pieces


19 goslings made from the Wavy Navy babies

2 dozen...eggs?

These are made from the Soaring Past Time babies.  Even smaller!  I think I may have taken the geese thing too far.  Anyway I enjoyed making them, but don't know what to do with them.  So,  the gaggle are winging their way to Vickie as they are. 

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Going to sew with Dee today!!  Hope you all have as much fun as I will!!




  1. Love the apron! Wow! I'm also impressed with how much you accomplish. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing! Happy Sewing! :o)

  2. Great apron! Fun block with the geese flying around the hourglass:)

  3. and my apron is...where? lol "Mom" is a peach and I just know I'll enjoy hearing all about her trip "home" yesterday! Can't wait to see you today so I can tell you in person just how crazy you are!

    luv ya lots!

  4. Your Mom's lucky lady. An apron AND a quilt lesson! Love your blocks!

  5. Wow KT, you've done a lot this week! I love the apron for your mom and your mini quilt lesson ;-) My sister says she wants to learn too. I am thrilled with the idea. Those blocks are great and you can't take the geese thing too far in my opinion.

    I feel like I've been gone forever from blogland. Everyone has a new blog design! Love yours. I'm sitting in Salt Lake City airport trying to get caught up with my favorite never know what the internet connection will be in Big Sky ;-) Happy Friday!

  6. Lovely apron and a great gift! So great that you showed your mom about piecing. I hope she enjoys it.

  7. Cute apron, and I like the Soaring Past Time block!

  8. Terrific apron! A really classic design in a great fabric!

    A flying geese parade!

  9. Yes, your mom will love the is wonderful that she has such a good teacher!

  10. how fun KT that you got to do some sewing with your mom! ok. so what is the pattern for the apron? I love it, and so would my mom!

  11. What an amount of work you got done! The flying geese are fantastic. Great fabric choices! I love the title of the block too.

  12. What fun you must have had with your mom! I love the apron and the blocks!

  13. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I had to stop by and visit. I absolutely LOVE the apron you made for your mom! So vintage! Do you mind telling me where you found the pattern. I must make one for my mom!


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