Monday, May 10, 2010

Spinning Wheel...

got to go 'round.
Pinwheel party is caught up!!!

Do any of you use starch?  I am used to using super duper spray starch.  I use it with every seam.  By the time I am done with a block, it is quite stiff.  It always lies flat though!!!  It is awesome when working with bias, really decreases the stretch effect.  Recently someone posted about using Downy Wrinkle Releaser on wrinkled fabrics before you cut.  Love that too!!  Treasure is less than thrilled that I use aerosol starch almost every day.  (Please don't tell him about my hairspray!)  To honor him, I bought some starch alternative at my LQS.  I should have read the bottle better first!!!  Well girls, it leaves me...limp.  There is no shape preservation here!  It does do what it says on the bottle, which is the same stuff Downy Wrinkle Releaser does for half the price.  At over $7 a bottle, I had higher expectations I guess.  Oh, and they only had lavender scent, which I strongly dislike.  It makes me think of bug spray!!!
Does anyone have a non-aerosol solution to keep my blocks stiff and in shape?  Please share!!!

Edited to add---To prevent the spray starch from clogging my iron, I press the block, spray the back, then press the front!  Thanks Lesly!  And both Leslie and Lesly guessed it, I am not a fan of Mary Ellen's Best Press.



  1. I use Mary Ellen's - but I get the feeling you weren't too happy with it! I do like how starch keeps things from stretching but it clogs up my iron - how do you manage with it? Love your pinwheels and the fussy cutting!

  2. i have used best press for a few projects...but they help get the wrinkles out i think not make any stiffness.

  3. I found this recipe on another blog. Let us know if it works. works

  4. Great pinwheel blocks!! Can't help with the starch issue. I've only used the one you don't like ;-)). Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  5. I don't know about the starch issue, but I do know that I adore the fussy-cut squares in your quilt! So cute!


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