Monday, May 3, 2010

Paducah Pictures

Downtown shops were quilt shops from elsewhere had temporarily relocated.  You can also see the flood wall with beautiful murals that tell the history of Paducah.

This train was right there along the flood wall.  I believe there was a museum there too, but we didn't see it, had to leave something for next time! ;0)
Here is just one of the murals.  They were gorgeous!!

On the other side of the flood wall, the convergence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers. 
The other way down the street are antique shops, restaurants, and

This is the market house.  It currently holds a museum of Paducah history.

Here it is inside.
A block or two beyond the historic section is this beautiful theater.  Here we saw the Queen of Quilting,
Eleanor Burns!!!  She came down the isle right behind us!!  I couldn't bring myself to post the picture of her facing us, as it was unflattering to the lady behind us!!  Eleanor's show was titled "Strip Tzzzzzzz".  It was a riot!!  Poor Treasure got an earful of one huge girl party!!!  She was a hoot.

She showed us all the quilts she has made patterns for over the years that could be made using strips.  We were about halfway through the stack in the middle of the stage!!

Sorry I can't show you pictures from the AQS show, they asked us not to post them without the quilter's consent, and I am going to honor that.  The museum doesn't allow pictures, so no go there.  I will be posting some pictures of a smaller quilt show that was going on at the Rotary of WWII quilts.  (I think it was probably my favorite anyway!)

There were enough historical sites, more than I have listed here, to keep Treasure and I well entertained beyond quilting.  There was also Hancock's of Paducah and their back room with end cuts for $2.98 a yard.
Quilt-in-a-Day Shop, and their tents at Carson park, with their sales and fabric for $4.98 a yard.  That doesn't even mention all the vendors at the Expo.  Though they were full price, and didn't have much in the way of modern fabric.

Next week, I will show you all some of those WWII quilts!!




  1. Wow, I remember some of those places. I went to Paducah 2 years ago with my BFF. We had a wonderful time, and hope to go back again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just know you had an awesome time...

  3. Thanks for a little taste of Paducah!

  4. thanks for the Paducah tour! How lucky that you got to go to Hancocks there!

  5. What a TREAT you had! Thanks for letting us know all about it! how fun!


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