Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If I have told you once...

I have told you at least twice now, "I am a ding-bat!"

Recently I was tidying up my buttons on my side bar.  I accidentally deleted one, but couldn't remember which.  (Hold on, we aren't even to the ding-bat part yet!)  Later the same day I got a Quilt Home newsletter in my inbox.  Ding-dong!  That is the button!  Not only that, but there is a contest to win fabric from them if I have their button on my blog.  Did I ever sign up for that?  So I emailed them to ask.  Within a couple of hours (seriously) Carl emailed me back.  Not only was I signed up, but I was the winner February 17, 2010!!!!  Usually they only give you a couple of weeks to use the gift certificate.  They graciously gave this ding-bat a second chance!!!

My Paganelli pile no longer lacks yellow!  I now have all the henna garden currently available.  And they had the Farmer's Market Dahlia that I used up on skirts!!!  Ah...I may have spent more than my gift certificate!

Oh, and just so you know, the fabric was in my hands Friday!!  You can check out Quilt Home by clicking on the button, now safely replaced on my side bar!

Out of curiosity, I checked my blog to see what was going on in my life around that time that I would miss out so.  There you have it, She Sews and Scraps tried to tell me in the first comment!!




  1. You are so not a ding bat! At least you remembered that you had forgotten something in time to remember it ;-) Does that make sense? Love the fabric additions.


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