Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Keeping Out of Trouble

The Camel ear warmer and scarf set above is made of soft acrylic yarn for easy care and durability.  The pretty stitch I used made it almost double thick as well as adding great texture.

This scarf is proving to be difficult to part with.  The 100% wool got softer the more I worked with it!

I just love super bulky yarn, and this roving worked up beautifully

It's also my favorite style.  The ends are sewn together, leaving it long enough to double up for a snug neck warmer.

Leave it single, and you can keep your ears warm...

or protect yourself from a drafty zipper....

or even use it to wrap your shoulders in a chilly restaurant.

I know because that is how I use mine.  I just hate being cold!

Both of these are available at The Dropped Bobbin




  1. Lovely work! Here's to them selling quickly and going to good homes!

  2. dang you are one talented chick! love these Katie!!!


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