Friday, April 6, 2012

Quilting Conservation

Yesterday I stopped at an LQS to pick up some white on white fabrics, not because they were having an Easter Egg Hunt.  One of my favorites was working, and I asked her what was new that I had to have.  Boy did her face light up!  She asked me if I chain pieced.  Hello!  I have to conserve time!  She said I had to have this Cutting Gizmo.  And it was purple...BONUS!

This is the closest thing to an in action shot I could get, having only two hands and all.

I have been doing a little scrap management, trying to conserve space and resources.  Love these double hour glass blocks.  I have to buy the white though.  Been using all kinds of different white on white.  Remember, that is what I went to the LQS for.  It had nothing to do with the Easter Egg Hunt.

Finished fourteen today.  (There are two of some prints, lest you think I can't count.)  Yup, I like to chain piece.  See all that apparent clutter in the background?  It is actually pretty tidy, just cramped.  Guess that is all perspective though.  My family would probably tell you my sewing area takes up a lot of room.

Current count:  53.

The Cutting Gizmo has earned its place.  Have I mentioned its purple?

Oh, and here are the white on whites that I bought yesterday.  Because that's what I went for, it had nothing to do with the Easter Egg Hunt.  Oh, I got two free fat quarters in my egg.  They are the two on the right.


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  1. oh I really love your double hour glass blocks, so pretty!

  2. I saw that gizmo in a catalog or magazine or something and wondered if I need it. I hate the cutting involved in chain piecing. Guess I better get to the LQS and see if they have it.

  3. Great blocks - they are lovely and crisp with the white. What is the size of these, unfinished? Popping over from Sew & Tell. Amy from

  4. I know my sewing area takes up most of the house...

    Love the squares!

  5. I love your blocks! And the purple thing!

  6. Love those blocks! Is there a trick to doing them? Sew, cut, realign then sew - that kind of thing. I can't quite figure it out. Any chance of a tutorial? Congrats on the Easter eggs for which you were not hunting!

  7. LOVE your blocks!!! they are so pretty :) and that purple cutter is amazing! hmmm I might have to go try to find one!


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