Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bird Litter

Didn't notice the brand of this stuff until I got it home.  :0)

I have no bird, so why would I need litter?

It is all because of this pincushion I made several years ago.  It has had it in for me from the beginning.  I have wanted to love it,  but love shouldn't hurt.  Everytime I reached for it, it drew blood.  The pins reach all the way through.  After pinning and cutting out 55 pieces from my Amy Butler Field Bag pattern, I had enough!!

Let me introduce you to my bigger, badder, better pincushion.  There will be no more poking of fingers in this house!  I used an orphan bitty block that was too small, and some scraps, and well, bird litter.  Now don't freak out on me.  It is just crushed walnut shells!

A little Paganelli on the underside, because, well, I know it's there.

What do you think?  I love it.

My next post will be an update on that bag.

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(sounds like:  KAYTEE)


  1. I love your new pin cushion - it looks especially nice on your sewing table!

  2. I love your pincushion! I know what you mean about getting your fingers poked! :) Thanks for sharing! I just found you and am now your newest follower! Have a Great Day! :)


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