Friday, May 13, 2011

Just keeping busy.

I have been cutting.  This fabric is going to be a quilt for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas.

Look closely at my sewing desk.  Something is missing.  Joy.  Apparently I wore her out and she will be moving on to week three of her vacation as of tomorrow.  I miss the feel of fabric in my hands.  So I have been finding ways to accoplish SOMETHING in my little sewing area.

So, I also organized the unfinished projects.  Most of these will go on to other homes, so finishing them will get rid of some visual noise.

Secret Table quilt.  Just needs the binding.

Quilt for my end table to protect it from glass rings.  My family, apparently, is morally opposed to coasters.
This is what I was practicing FMQ on when Joy started skipping up to four stitches at a time.

Grocery/Tote bags using my own way of putting them together.  (Been toying with the idea of my own pattern.)  Joy continued to be able to piece, only coughing on batting, so these are half done.

Then Joy's pedal died.  So this wall quilt still needs hanging loops and binding.

This is what I was practicing FMQ to warm up to.  Dee drew the greatest design for me, so my skills need to live up to the importance of the piece.  (The embroidery was my grandma,s.)

Need to make two purses.  One for my Sister-In-Law (for Mother's Day...sigh) and one for a friend's birthday (March 15th...double sigh).

Oh, and since there have been several days in the eighties already, I should be getting these made into summer jammies.


Oh, and this is still in pins.  If I could just get these things done, my sewing area would be much neater.  Assuming, of course, that I don't think up more projects....oooopps!!!!  Too late!!!  ;0)



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