Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sew, any ideas?

First off, I am having technical difficulties with my sewing machine.  {pout}
For some reason, she doesn't like quilting.  Skipping 3-5 stitches if there is batting involved in the process.
-Needle, changed to new ones from several different packs.
- Vacuumed out bobbin area, several times.
- Changed thread.  Sigh.
-Slowly changed tension, from loopy to breaking thread, still skipping stitches.
If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!

Left the dirt on the floor to match the wrinkles on the quilt top!
This is my WIP today.  Apparently Joy doesn't mind applique.  No skipped stitches, with only the top two left to stitch down.  Huh.
This is my Robert Kaufman Challenge.  Hopefully I will get my machine issues figured out in time to quilt it by the April 30th deadline.

I have also been interviewing fabric for my potholder pass swap...a bag.  No quilting here, so I should be able to whip it up quickly once I know what my partner likes.

The trouble is, she seems to like almost everything.

But I really want her to LOVE it.  Ya know?!

So, I am going to put up a little mosaic and see if she responds.

Of course, it might be fun if you all weigh in too!

My other WIPs:
Boy's quilt-basted and waiting for a cooperative machine :0)
Grandma's Peacock Wall Hanging-ditto!
Side table quilt-double ditto!!
Friend's Birthday Purse (late)-ya, the quilting thing
Sister-in-law's Mother's Day Purse-......sigh...

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  1. Sorry about your machine. You might try different thread and totally different bobbin. Maybe 'she' just needs a rest with all the sewing and WIP's you

  2. I love all the fabrics....(wiping slobber off my chin)...

    second if you are stippling, there is a little screw at the top of the foot....bring down the foot with the screw to where your foot barely touches the fabric...maybe that will help? I hate it when I have trouble with my machine and so badly want to quilt. Good luck!

  3. I have an idea on the skipping stitches while quilting.... try metrozene thread in the machine and see if it still does it. Sometimes mine gets cranky and I have to switch to the pricey thread.

    On the fabrics, the last one is my favorite!

  4. Sorry to hear about the machine. I like your dresdens they are very beautiful.

  5. Oh, no!! I am so sorry about our machine. I hope you can get it figured out SOON!!

    Meanwhile - I L.O.V.E the dresden top!! SO pretty. I am totally going to copy it! ;)

    Great work!!

  6. I am sorry to hear about your machine, I am also sorry I can not offer advice.I really like your fabric choices. I like them all!

  7. Your challenge quilt looks great! I am sorry to hear about your machine. You have tried everything I would have thought to try. As for your partner...she likes bright if that helps :)

  8. 1, must have same thread top and bobbin
    2 , perhaps a bit of thread caught between tension somewhere .--cottonreel

  9. You know I hate them all! I hate them so much, I don't think you should have to look at them any longer than necessary. Quickly send them to my house, where I, you with them! LOL

    Hoping you have an evening of smiles?
    Love ya!

  10. Unfortunately not much help from me on the machine issues. My only thought was mentioned earlier - change thread & bobbins. Mine gets picky sometimes as the bobbin gets towards the end, but other times works perfectly. I think they like to throw fits & be tempermental to mess with us.

    All those fabric choices are gorgeous, but I especially like the pink & grey (second from the bottom), even though I'm not typically much of a light pink person. Something about the combo is just perfect!

  11. seriously, with all that JP fabric mixed in she will adore it!

  12. i just had this problem a few weeks ago - took it to the shop and it came back perfect again. they adjusted a bunch of stuff that i (of course) couldn't even get to. wasn't any of the usual culprits - nor do i have any idea why it started skipping stitches while quilting in the first place.

  13. Sorry about your machine. Mine was long overdue for a tune-up and I finally took it in. Now it is purring like a kitten! Oh, to get some WIPs done. Maybe I'll find some time this summer....


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