Friday, April 15, 2011

Have you ever nearly wet your pants?

I came close when I got this in the mail yesterday!

In a word, perfection!  So precisely pieced, great fabric, and much thoughtfulness.  When I saw it in the Flickr group, I could not allow myself to hope for it.  Amy and I have been bloggy-email buddies for a little while now, and it has been a pleasure.  When she won these fabrics from Jennifer Paganelli, I was at least able to be happy for her (she is such a sweetie)!  But who would have thought she would share in such a wonderful way?  By the way Amy, you picked my two favorite prints in the bunch!

But that is not all, she sent a FQ of gorgeousness along too!  Plans are starting to perk.  Thanks so much Amy, perfection is the only word to describe it!!  I am still floating.  :0)

Amy has an etsy shop, and wonderful prints in it!!  Yup, bought these awhile back, and I am saving them for something special.  These smootchin' cuties happened when she listened to a nutball commenter (yup, that would be me) on her blog, so of course I snatched them up when she put them in her shop.

Also bought this quilting process panel and the accompanying mini quilt pattern.  They are collecting a small pile of purple.

So in all of this, here is my Friday finish.  Honestly I finished it a week or so ago, but haven't been gutsy enough to post it until now.  This is the project Joy began coughing on.  (I figure she must have caught my bronchitis.)  There are many stops and starts because of the skipping stitches issue.  Thanks ladies for all the great advice.  I think Joy (and I) need a week at the spa!  ;0)

Be sure to visit Amy, Amy's shop, and the other Friday finishes!!




  1. Oh, thanks KT! I am so happy that you are happy. I still can't believe I forgot the note!!! (You didn't have to let everyone else know! LOL) I was kicking myself but I couldn't undo all that tape! I was happy to share my fabric winnings with you in this way. It was so fun to have this little secret these past couple of weeks.

  2. KT, with all the hullabaloo yesterday, I didn't get to oooh and aaah over them like I wanted to. I'm sorry we got sidetracked. But I love having an afternoon at the well with you!

    Loving the post, happy for all the quiltey goodness that came your way and so glad we're nutty "space" balls together!

    Luv ya!

  3. Such yumminess! Paganelli perfection, great prints and panel, and I adore the pray quilt! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh, KT such loveliness in this post!!!!! First of all, I have to say, that your PRAY is just delightful!!! Love, love, love it! How sweet of Amy to share her "winnings" with you. Those are beautiful JP fabrics, and so are the others she sent to you. I also love your RK challenge piece that you showed in a previous post. Very cool!

  5. Well you know how I feel about JP fabric! So I think that is an amazing gift!


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