Friday, October 1, 2010

Piano Key Piano Scarf or Paganelli Passion

No this is not a mistake.  It is supposed to be this long.  No, the colors are not randomly placed.  The gray represents the black keys on the piano, and each color represents a note!!

The back is just two of the fabrics that I had scads of with a grey key to separate them.  The binding may look familiar to some of you. ;0)

Here is its new home.  Fresh paint on the walls and old carpet removed from the floor welcome it home!
(I like you all so much that I spared you all the before pictures of sculptured beige shag!)

I also finished the blocks for the wall hanging that will live above the piano. 

Couldn't show just one...

or two...

okay, I'll stop at three.  I also couldn't decide on which fabric to use as the background.  The above is Kona ash.  I am using Kate Conklin's pattern Charm Bracelets that I won (and loving it by the way).  I started out with some charms that I won from Joan over at wishes, true and kind.  I added some of my own Paganelli and then limited the palette to what I want going on in my dining room.  Don't worry, I have plans for the rest of the Paganelli Pile!  Thanks Kate and Joan for the free start on this quilt.  I will think of you both every time I look at it!
Or maybe Kona Medium Gray.  Leaning toward the lighter ash, but really want those Paganelli blocks to sparkle!!  Also want to avoid a big black hole of darkness on the wall.  (That is why the room is no longer taupe accented with beige!)  :D
I would love to hear your ideas.  Also be sure to click on the Sew and Tell Friday Button on the left side bar and visit all the wonderful finishes! 




  1. I just love your piano key piano runner! Great blocks too-what beautiful fabrics!

  2. So lovely! I just love them both!

  3. Just lovely where you put the runner...

  4. Love this! I'm inspired to sew one up for my piano. Did you use a specific pattern? You're so talented, you probably just made it up yourself, didn't you? :o) Visiting from Sew&Tell. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  5. KT, this piano scarf is just too cool for words!!! What a brilliant idea! I really like the use of the gray with the Paganelli prints and those blocks will look great above the piano. Good luck in choosing the right shade of's hard to tell in pictures, but it looks like the darker gray makes the prints pop.

  6. Ah! I love the piano runner! My "table cloth" ended up on our baby-grand. I love the key idea. Brilliant.

  7. so pretty! I wish i had a piano so I could make one!


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