Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As a rule, Mondays are days that I have to work at Joy.  Not this past Monday!!  These came from Amy, as a result of a comment I made on one of her blog posts.  Love them, and snatched the last two out of her etsy shop.  She sent me a hot tip via email that she now has more fabric in so more of these may be showing up soon in her shop!  Oh, and as I was working on the links for this post, I noticed she has some great Christmas prints.

Then, Monday evening I got to take a VIP out to a quilt shop and then dinner!!!  This was my indulgence, Anna Griffin's The Lizzie Collection (the words fabric is I think, Make Life).  I first saw them here.  Thanks Amanda Jean for inspiration! 
The VIP chose the restaurant, and we enjoyed our fortune cookies!!  The top two were hers, the bottom one was mine.   Great Monday, much Joy!

Speaking of Joy, she is waiting on me to go get her!!!  Yay!!!  Maybe (but not likely) I will have a Friday Finish this week!!!  Double Yay!!!

Blessings and goldfishy kisses!



  1. KT, the fortune cookie is DO have a captivating style all your own! Great fabrics you have there. So glad your machine is ready and waiting. Looking forward to seeing the results of her repair ;-)

  2. that cookie is right on! how fun! i would definitely keep that!


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