Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Longtime, no write

I have been so busy, and very little sewing.  Trying to devote more of my "free" time to family.  The last couple of weeks have been 4-H fair!  Yeah!!!  But now I am pooped. 
August is my month for the Sew Bee It quilting bee.  I wanted to use fabric that was hanging around, that I enjoyed, but it had no intended purpose.  Some may think that it doesn't all go together, but they can look away!
I am hoping for stars that show the individuality of each of the quilters contributing.  Having said that, I had a few favorites that I wanted to be sure made the quilt!

Carolyn's Star from Quilter's Cache.  With my own touches, of course!

Rising Star, also from Quilter's Cache.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!




  1. Started on your blocks today!

  2. these are beautiful...seems that stars are on the table for many of us this week. i am seeing them everywhere, including my own table.

  3. Here you are! Are the cages home yet? LOL

    I was just looking at stars yesterday, honest to goodness, on this site! I love what you've done with the fussy cuts! You're so good at that!

    And you know how much I love the softer colors. KT, great minds think alike.

    I'll call you later today and we can talk beachey things!

  4. I absolutely love both of those beautiful blocks. Gorgeous colors, gorgeous patterns.

    -- Colleen @ Made by Colleen


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