Thursday, July 29, 2010 Omission

First of all, I have been getting ready to go on vacation.  Used a 1 hour dress pattern to make a dress/ cover up with some of my favorite fabric.  Of course by the time I modified the instructions in order to avoid raw edges in the seam allowances, it took a little more than an hour.  But now I will wear it!

Made this wrap around skirt with fabric purchased from our last vacation!!  Fabrics by the Pound, I am headed back!

Lined it so that I don't have to wear an awful slip!

Now for the admission.  I left a comment on a post about keeping a sewing area clean.  (These are my Modern Siggy Swap blocks after I played with them.)  I said on the comment that I had to keep things picked up as I go because I quilt and sew in the dining room.  Well doesn't that sound all neat and tidy.  My family would comment otherwise!  Notice these are stretching out on my bed!!  I took my design wall down when I painted the dining room.
Probably would help to have only one project going at a time.  But that just isn't the way I work.  Dee calls it quilting ADD, and we both have it!  ( See those siggys coming together?)

I am loving them!  Notice that the quilting desk still needs painting, waiting for cooler weather.  That's my story, and I am sticking to it!!!  ;0)

Some projects just spread out.

These blues and purples are interviewing for a block to fill in the lower right hand corner.  For someone who loves purple, I don't own enough of it!!

Well, Treasure is home from work (and off to get the air-conditioning checked in the van) so vacation has officially started!!!


(Did I mention that my family is vacationing with Dee's family?!?!)




  1. I love the way that your siggys are coming together. The arrangement is very pleasing.Your dress and skirt look fabulous! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. You have alot going on there. Smart to line the skirt so no slip....

    Have a wonderful vacation.

  3. KT, you are probably well on your vacation by now ;-) I hope you have an awesome time with your family and Dee's!!! Love the clothes you made for your trip, and the siggy block arrangement is looking good. (Mine are still in the baggie.) Take care!


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