Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scrappy Trip Works in Progress

Just a note, Google Reader is going to shut down this summer.  You can follow this blog with Bloglovin.  I am finding it to be a sleek reader, especially on my iPhone.
Well, my scrappy trip along quilt has been a constant ray of sunshine since I started it.  Sticking with one quilt from start to finish is not usually how I roll.  This quilt is just different for me I guess. 

I also had this drool-worthy block that Rene' sent to me all cut out and ready to sew in some of my favorite Jennifer Paganell fabrics. Well, I had been toying with the idea of my family needing some big puffy pillows since we removed the carpet in the living room. I pulled some Paganelli stash out and made a border and binding.

This block was made to be part of my scrappy trip along quilt, but it didn't play nice with the others.  So I put it in time-out and made another one.  Funny, I still love the naughty little thing.  So another pillow was born!  More Paganelli stash for border and binding.
Now they are in my busy bag waiting for a moment for hand sewing.
As for my scrappy trip quilt, it is telling me nicely how it wants to be quilted.  I am just loving this sweet quilt.  Violet, my Singer 201, is speeding right along.  This has been an exceptional week already, in that I have gotten two days already with chunks of time to sew.  That just hasn't happened.  Don't know if there will be more time this week, but I am sure hoping!  I just can't wait to finish this quilt.
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  1. sew happy you've had time to quilt! such loverly eye candy here and hope to see some of it friday!

  2. I have enjoyed seeing your scrappy trip along progress on Instagram. This will be one beautiful quilt!!!!! Glad you will have a pillow made out of the JP scraps I sent. Love the borders you added as well as the decorative stitching.


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