Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Think I Might Live in a Cave

Grainy, dark picture alert.
Recently, after some research and being nearly out of needles, I ordered a few packages of these. While I was at it, I ordered some trial thread. If you let them choose the color, you can get it much cheaper. My needles happened to be a deal too. Bonus! Bless their hearts, they sent me lavender! Well, I was itching to try both out to see what all the fuss is about.
Being a purple sort of girl, I was sure to have something that would do. Needing a little pick me up, I grabbed my Paganelli Pile.
Well, wouldn't you know, one thing led to another. Purple led to pink, blue, and green...
Before I knew it, nine, count 'em NINE blocks done!
One in the incubator.

( Why, oh why did I only buy a half yard of that yummy blue on blue print, Pretty Please, Sally?)
After I get the tenth one done, I am going to go back and finish some of my other WIPs. This Paganelli quilt is just for my own selfish entertainment. I never understood what people meant about savoring the quilt, until now. I want to take my own sweet time!
On the left are fabrics to still incorporate into the Paganelli quilt. In the middle are the Hunky Dory blocks I am about to finish off. I may just leave that perfect pile of Paganelli out to sing to me while I sew.

Oh, and the needles and thread, like butter! I will try to keep you updated as I use them more.

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  1. What do you call a person who loves troglodytes?
    See, it is so much fun to let the quilt speak to you...woo you...win you over...it's like tasting sweet Swiss chocolate!

    Are we having a Coke today?

  2. So you are pleased with the needles and thread then? I am!
    See the center print in the 4th picture? That was one I saw at the store I mentioned to you.

  3. Loving those Paganelli blocks!!! Glad you have at least one selfish project ;-)


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