Monday, October 10, 2011

Canning Day

3 pints apple butter, 4 half pints lemon curd, and 9 pints barbecue.

Topping it off with a little housework and homemade pizza for supper.
Maybe I will even get to these this evening!




  1. Mmm Lemon Curd, and home made pizza, I think I will teleport myself to your house just so I don't have to cook and I love to cook.

    The sewing is even pretty are those coasters? Pretty fabric regardless.

  2. If those are coasters, I LOVE them! I made some a while back but need to mix it up abit like yours! YUMMMY stuff with all that canning, looks delicious!!!

  3. We're having dinner when? lol

    Love ya sis!


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