Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Friday Finish

There have been plenty of finishes going on around here, but I can't show them.  My mother lurks from time to time, so I can't show her gift.  My sister-in-law may or may not, better not to show her gift.  Well, you all know Dee hangs around.  Rats!! 
Well, I am pretty sure that my two year old niece isn't allowed to surf the net, so her gift I am showin'!!  She is a super smart one that loves her dollies, and is a good little mama.  Bingo!!!  Doll quilt!

Of course, why stop there?  Baby needs a diaper bag, and of course, you just gotta have diapers too!  I have got some goodies to put in the bag too.  The quilt and the diaperbag were all from scraps.  I must admit that the white flannel diapers were stash.  Way too much fun!

My Modern Swap is ready...except for labeling, wrapping, and mailing....Hmph.  Details!

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Well, there is no link party until January 7th...sniff.  ;0D
Merry Christmas!


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  1. Ooohhh...seeing them finished is so much fun! But then, last Saturday-through the roaring blizzard was fun too. Just what I needed. Thanks, sis!

    Love all the goodies you're sending out to your partner! What a lucky gal.

    Co-op was fun with you all. Do you know American Lit/US History and Psychology are all on the docket for next year!


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