Monday, February 23, 2015

Huge Fresh Cut Finish!

Well, I finally got this done!  It measures a whooping 96" x 108", and has amazing Hobb's Wool Batting.  I am not completely daft, I realize that our bed is only queen size.  The problem is that Treasure likes to roll up like a burrito, and I like to have only my nose poking up out of the top of the covers.  Top that off with our room being the coldest in the house, and you begin to understand why we were sleeping under three quilts and a blanket.  Needless to say, the bed is much easier to make now!
Most of the fabric is from Heather Baileys Fresh Cut line.  Sadly to say, I started this quilt so long ago, that most of it is from the original run of the fabric.  You know the quilt should be finished when the re-print is hard to find!!!  Of course it would have been nearly impossible to quilt without my Juki.

Had to push all the clutter to the side to show you the room!  Needing to start the Spring cleaning.  You may spot a cobweb or two.  Did spruce up the quilt rack with my Tutti Fruity Quilt.
So glad I had enough yardage to make some matchy pillow cases. 

My baby blanket still hangs on my wall.  I need to move it over a little.  My new curtains hang over farther.  Unfortunately that means I have to buy paint to patch the wall....blurg.  The shelf holds odd bits of memories.  

On another wall I have hung up the quilt that Treasure and I used to fight over  sleep with.  I still love Rainy Days and Mondays, made so long ago.
In case anyone is interested in the wool batting, Treasure and I both agree it is the best!  Last night we slept with a sheet, blanket and this quilt.  So much lighter than the metric ton of quilts we are used to sleeping under.  Usually my feet are so cold by the time I go to bed that it takes an hour or so to warm up enough to sleep.  I was warm in mere minutes, but didn't get overly hot.  Treasure said it was the best sleep he had in a long time.  I've used this batting before in a quilt for my Mother-in-Love, but this is the first one I have kept.  It quilts like butter!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Keeping Out of Trouble

The Camel ear warmer and scarf set above is made of soft acrylic yarn for easy care and durability.  The pretty stitch I used made it almost double thick as well as adding great texture.

This scarf is proving to be difficult to part with.  The 100% wool got softer the more I worked with it!

I just love super bulky yarn, and this roving worked up beautifully

It's also my favorite style.  The ends are sewn together, leaving it long enough to double up for a snug neck warmer.

Leave it single, and you can keep your ears warm...

or protect yourself from a drafty zipper....

or even use it to wrap your shoulders in a chilly restaurant.

I know because that is how I use mine.  I just hate being cold!

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Humble Step Forward

Well, when I decided to go ahead and open a little shop, I didn't count on one thing in particular...

and that is that putting the things you make up for sale makes you feel almost...


I miss summer!

Destashing is not as intimidating!!
All these things are now listed at The Dropped Bobbin.
Hope you are all warm and well.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

In with the New!!!

Happy New Year!!
I (finally) just opened my own very own Etsy shop, The Dropped Bobbin.  So far I have listed the few patterns that I had previously posted on instagram.   Right now it is a plain little corner of the web, but I am hoping to grow!  Soon I will be listing some baby quilts, and a crocheted afghan.  Also thinking of listing some vintage milk glass at some point in the future.  But for now, here is a small sample of what you will find:

Also, joining Leasa in Sew My Stash 2015.  Going to operate on a use it or lose it basis this year!!
Hope you all take a minute to check out my shop now and then as I add to the store!



Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the Old

Destash-ing some patterns over on Instagram.  Hoping to clear out a little elbow room and be more clutter free in the new year.  

Praying you all have fun, and stay safe tonight!



Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Teen Son's Quilt

So I finished this quilt way back in September.  It immediately vanished into the depths of the lair.  Today he had somewhere to be, and I offered to wash his sheets and quilts.  He isn't my first teen, and I have learned to be sly!
The quilt is about 72" by 96".  Plenty to wrap like a burrito in....which is what he does.  I have the block pattern pinned somewhere on my quilting Pinterest board.

It was a windy fall day to be trying to photograph a quilt!  I straight lined quilted to make a cuddly quilt.  I love how it drapes.  The bright orange binding finished it up nicely. 

Used up a lot of leftover fabric on the back.  Fabrics with a sport theme just linger in the scrap bin; better to use them now.  My boy likes them better than I do anyway.

I had four blocks that had been test blocks.  Love them, but didn't really need a whole quilt of them.  Before Treasure and I left for our trip to Houston, I practiced some FMQ on them with Violet my Singer 201.  I am rusty!!

Long story short, Treasure's business trip to Houston just happened to coincide with Houston's International Quilt Festival!  I had been wanting to try out a Juki, and I got the opportunity.

Treasure likes a good deal, so we took advantage of the show special! 

Last night I practiced using the knee lift and the thread cutter.  Love!!  I finished up these two pouches zippy-quick.  The Juki handled the zippers like butter.
Hoping to try out some FMQ today!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Crazy As Ever

Well, on my last real post I was working on this quilt.  It has been finished for a long time.  This twin size double hour glass quilt made with moda Hunky Dory was a love gift for a VIP.  I used a jelly roll and some kona solids for the top.  I also ended up finding a good deal on one of my favorite prints in the line, so about three quarters of the backing is that.  The other backing piece is a print of a girl's I can't show the back.  The simple straight line quilting makes for a drape-y, cuddle-y quilt!

I chose one of the brighter Hunky Dory prints for the binding.  

As for the social media silence...well, lets say when I think about all that has taken place in my life the last year...I feel like that quilt roll!!  It has been good to take a break and focus on simplifying life around me.

The flip side is that when I try to remember what I have sewn, I can't remember much.  In truth, I have sewn much less.  My family needed me.  For now, I am going to try to post more often.  Instagram is easier, so if you are curious about the craziness that goes on'll be more likely to find me there.

I have thrown caution to the wind and tried my hand at a quilt for a teen age boy.  Yikes.  Florals and bright cheerful colors are my thing.  There is no purple to be seen.

All that fuzz is batting from quilt wrestling...honest!

This is to be quilted with drape-y, cuddle-y straight line quilting as well.  I have only about a quarter of the gray boxes done, and little sewing time in sight.  Most of that is my own fault...I have been sneaking in projects on the side.  I am trying to open up an Etsy shop for  some smallish quilts that I have made and some crafty items I want to de-stash.  Later I hope to add some hand crochet goodies.

I'll get that going just as soon as I wrap my noggin around how to predict postage!  (Thanks for the tips Amy!)  If you have an Etsy store and the time, I would love any practical advice you could share!!